So.. Close

The relationship between a pet and its owner is a protective, loving and lifelong bond. For the animal, its owner is its whole world. Our furry friends are intuitive.

They know us. They feel what we feel, they follow our routines, our habits, our emotions – they reflect us and echo us – all the while loving us unconditionally.
The WOUF “So… close” collection celebrates this unique and powerful friendship by using hair collected from your pet to create a special item which represents the love between you and your companion animal.



Designer – Seth Yeung

Hong Kong native, Seth Yeung, has always had a passion for animals, artistry and innovation. He inherited his expertise and love of knitting following years of watching his creative mother knit outfits for pets. Today, he has rapidly made a name for himself as a celebrated textile designer.

Seth’s wealth of experience and exposure in the industry has wound its way around his knitting needle and he quickly launched his own namesake label – a line of edgy, youthful, contemporary knitwear. His work utilises quirky, unconventional material combinations with distinctive design concepts. The result? Remarkable knitwear collections which continue to excite and inspire his customers season after season.

At WOUF, we are proud to have Seth and his passion for textiles as part of our creative design team.