Creation process

WOUF products are a hand-made collaboration which draws upon the creativity of community and the expertise of craftsmanship.


We begin our process by thoroughly cleaning the dog hair. There are several steps involved from shampooing and rinsing to oiling the dog hair in order to preserve smoothness and ensure hygiene. We then send the fibers to a textile oven for drying.

Carding & Spinning

Our carding and spinning process is completed by hand. Our expert spinners are skilled at handling individual pet hair and the whole process requires exceptional patience and care. Hand spinning allows for a thicker woven texture, akin to an agora effect but unique to the properties of hand-spun Chiengora.


All of our custom-made items are hand-knitted by our local expert knitters. For many of our products, we often combine Chiengora yarn with alpaca or other animal-friendly yarns. There are several key benefits for this combination. Firstly the quantity of dog hair required is less, other yarns provide higher elasticity than Chiengora (which is not elastic) and the combination also allows for creative designs and colour combinations. Some products may be knitted solely from Chiengora, but this works better for larger, long-haired dogs.